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Black Bear Airsoft SHADOW Steel Mesh Lower Face Mask - Woodland

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Black Bear Airsoft SHADOW Steel Mesh Lower Face Mask - Woodland

Black Bear x Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore has beenselected as the exclusive retailer for BBA high-performance faceprotection in the United States, as Airsoft Megastore's commitment toselling the highest-quality Airsoft products and accessories iscomplementary to Black Bear Airsoft's reputation for producing thefinest face protection you can buy. Through hundreds of hours of duediligence and market research, Airsoft Megastore has recognized thatBlack Bear Airsoft is the ONLY steel mesh mask manufacturer in the worldthat thoroughly and methodically tests their masks to ensure MAXIMUMPROTECTION in mission-critical scenarios. Their relentless efforts andattention to detail, along with their quality-driven approach iswell-represented in the quality of a finished Black Bear Airsoft mask -it's quality you can touch and feel, and protection you'll come to relyon during your most strenuous Airsoft Ops. In addition, the unanimouspraise that the global Airsoft community has given BBA masks is a truetestament to the quality of their masks, as they are the mostwidely-recognized and beloved mesh Airsoft masks in the world. AirsoftMegastore is proud to be BBA's exclusive US retail partner, and asalways, guarantees the lowest prices on all BBA high-performanceproducts, backed by our 125% Lowest Price Guarantee.

Proprietary Design and Outstanding Quality

Despitethe presence of dozens of imitation BBA masks on the marketplace, BBAAirsoft masks stand out from the crowd due to their innovative designand production process and rugged, ironclad quality.As you invest intoface and eye protection, which ultimately is tasked with protecting yourcritical face and eye regions from sustaining irreversible damage, webelieve it's not worth risking your well-being by using an inferior maskmanufactured by a fly-by-night manufacturer. Black Bear Airsoft maskshave been tested against all of the other "steel mesh" masks in themarketplace and have out-protected and out-lasted all other masks,standing as the definitive best-in-breed mesh Airsoft mask in themarketplace, both in terms of performance and durability.

The BBA Difference: Built Tough To Last

BBAAirsoft masks are manufactured from ultra high-strength, low carboncontent operator-grade steel mesh, while most other Airsoft mesh masksare made from cheaper, more pliable standard mesh. This makes adistinctive difference in performance and reliability testing: whencompared head-to-head against other masks, Black Bear Airsoft masksprovide outstanding protection even against "outlier" ultra-highvelocity BB impact (400+ FPS) while other masks simply cannot sustainsuch high-velocity impact. And while most other masks use painted steel,often denigrating the performance of the steel and exposing theend-user to a degree of paint toxicity, the steel used to make BBAAirsoft masks is powder-coated to produce the desired color, a processthat is non-toxic, and produces a superior mask in everyway.Furthermore, on select BBA Airsoft masks with integrated fabric,only the finest-grade 1000D tactical nylon (comparable to 1000D Cordura)is used for maximum durability and performance. BBA masks hold up tothe highest levels of scrutiny, and are manufactured with more care,yielding a better product all-around.

Comfort and Ergonomics

TheBBA team has conducted thousands of hours of usability testing,carefully adjusting then re-adjusting their mask designs to reach adegree of comfort that is unmatched by any other steel mesh masktoday.As a result, BBA masks are some of the most ergonomically-advancedand most comfortable Airsoft masks in the world,

Mission-Rated Protection

Inthe middle of the most strenuous Airsoft combat, the last thing on yourmind should be "will my mask hold up?" BBA Masks were designed withmission-critical reliability in mind, which is why they are rated forprotection against Airsoft Guns shooting 400+ FPS. Now the truth is,most Airsoft guns you will encounter in sanctioned and regulated combatwill shoot below 400 FPS, but having a mask that is built toughcertainly provides additional peace of mind that your protective gearwon't quit on you when you need it the most.

SHADOW Tactical Lower Mask

TheNEW Black Bear Airsoft Shadow Steel Mesh Lower face mask providescomplete lower face protection, with industrial strength, low carbonpowder coated steel mesh wiring. These lower face masks offer theperfect combination of protection and comfort. The Shadow Mesh Lowerface mask covers the most vital mouth region, without impeding yourspeech. The mask is contoured to fit most airsoft players' facialfeatures, and can be further adjusted by hand for a more comfortablecustom fit.

The Shadow Mesh Lower face mask also features anadjustable elastic strap, which goes behind your head to keep the masksecured to your face during Airsoft gameplay. The Shadow Lower facemasks are designed to be used in conjunction with full seal Airsoftrated eye protection, which means you can wear your favorite set ofAirsoft goggles with the full lower face protection Shadow Mask!


TheShadow Steel Mesh Lower face masks will stop BB's at point blank range,and are rated for protection from BB's traveling up to 550 FPS! TheShadow Steel Mesh Lower face masks offer full lower face protection,preventing the most common airsoft injuries to the mouth and teeth. Thehigh strength steel mesh wiring does not interfere with your speech,and it provides an unobstructed airflow!


Thisfull protection lower face mask features plush foam lining around theedges of the mask, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Thesurface of the padding is a nylon weave, supplying even greaterbreath-ability. The stitching is very durable and snug fitting, grantingyou excellent maneuverability. The mesh wiring does not restrict airflow and prevents you from overheating. The contours of the mesh arepre-fitted to fit most airsoft players' facial structures, and they canbe adjusted by hand to fit the unique features of your face.

Overall,these masks are great for protecting your vital facial areas fromdamage that can occur from taking a direct hit from an airsoft BB. Thesemasks do not impede on comfort, hearing, maneuverability, orbreath-ability, and cost a fraction of the price of some high endairsoft masks. The Shadow mask is perfect for both outdoor and indoorCQB airsoft games. Get yours before they run out!

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