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AMA Throat Mic and PTT Adapter for ICOM/MIDLAND - BLACK

SKU: AC-209B Airsoft Megastore ArmoryOut of stock

  • Double pin ICOM/MIDLAND pattern version
  • Additional port for standard 3.5mm headphones
  • Low profile design accommodates masks and helmets
  • Avoids wearing clunky headsets that can impede performance
  • Flexible and adjustable neckband provides comfort while active
  • Lightweight and compact design is seemless while maneuvering
  • Compatible with most non-proprietary PTT (Push to Talk) adapters
  • Ready to use with ICOM and MIDLAND radios (adapter included)
  • Dual throat noise cancelling microphones reduce background noise and static
  • Clear air tube earpiece with mushroom style ergonomic soft rubber provides optimal comfort
  • Execute tactics, synchronize actions and relay information to other team members
  • Communication on the field with your comrades can be relayed at the push of a button
  • Initial design has been used by special law enforcement agencies and military personnel


AMA Throat Mic and PTT Adapter for ICOM/MIDLAND - BLACK

Delegate, coordinate, and communicate with your comrades without using a huge headset to do it! This low profile special force designed throat microphone is just what you need to minimize your loadout while still maintaining complete contact with your team! Placed around your neck, this all inclusive PTT has exactly what you need to hook onto your applicable walkie talkie! This initial design has been used by law enforcement, SWAT, and even military personnel, delivering even more of a milsim experience! This throat mic is adjustable to universally fit most neck sizes and includes a comfortable and adaptable mushroom style clear airtube earpiece! Communicate with your comrades at the push of a button and formulate tactics as the situation calls for! This lightweight, flexible and compact PTT is an awesome choice when you need to maneuver in the field assured your gear is fastened and low profile.

About AMA: Airsoft Megastore Armory strives to provide airsoft players with the most realistic and quality gear on the market at an unbeatable price! We feel we've succeeded in our mission with our line of enhanced AEGs, large assortment of tactical gear, and a variety of tactical accessories that give players the equipment they love at affordable prices. Airsoft Megastore Armory, where serious airsoft players load up.

In the Box

1X Tactical Throat Microphone

1X PTT Adapter



Brand Airsoft Megastore Armory
Operation Low Profile Throat Microphone
Build Reinforced Polymer / Mesh Strap
Compatibility ICOM / MIDLAND

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

AMA Throat Mic and PTT Adapter for ICOM/MIDLAND - BLACK Quick Compare

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