Standard 90-Round SpeedLoader For Any Magazine Type

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Our take:  This is a high-quality, standard 90-Round speedloader for any magazine type.  This speedloader is A MUST have for ANY airsoft gun, be it an electric, spring, or gas.  Load your BBs quickly and efficiently with no hassle.

- High quality construction
- Holds up to 90 rounds
- Designed to a achieve fast loading with absolutely no hassle.
- Load your BBs in style with this magazine-shaped speedloader!

Package includes:  Speedloader

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Product Reviews

By: Zack

"great can hold more than 90 bbs. i just got it and i have no problems yet. can load fast just need to be careful."

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good for cqb
By: zackary

"this speed loader can not hold alot but still works. i never used it in a war yet. but it jams but it can be fixed in 30 sec. it holds 90 bbs. i would recommend this to air soft beginners. but it can be used with most guns especially m4 mags. sometimes even pistol mags."

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By: Michael

"I dont see why people give it 4 stars. I needed 5 more bucks on my product for free shipping and i got this. it works great, and since i use a sniper with a pistol its really good. yeah the big one is probably better but this is nicely sized."

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It's great
By: Dane

"It's definitely worth it's price. It makes loading your pistol a lot faster, also it's small and easy to carry around. The only problem is it's top opens a lot and spills the bbs, but if you tape it down it down it works perfectly. Don't buy for assault guns."

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pretty good
By: jackson

"i used it a couple of times and it never failed great for smaller battles"

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speed loader
By: leroy jenkins

"I think this is a good loader. Megastore also has the Bigger speed loadersfor a couple dollars more whichis probably the better way to go unless you have a really small mag. Pros: small, concealable, good price Cons: for a few more dollars there is a bigger one"

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By: Adam

"This is an allright speedloader. I got it with a shoutgun. Pros: - Small - Good price Cons: - For a few bucks more you can get the big one - The button that keeps the stick down broke so it always go up and I'll pump it accidentally. "

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good loader
By: Deven Shoemaker

"I think this is a good speed loader it is not to expensive, and you it loads bbs good. The only problem that I have seen with it is that it does jam once in a while but that is not hard to fix. My cousin has had his for over a year and it has not broke yet. "

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Good for starting.
By: Evan Allinder

"Having a speed-loader is a good idea, But 90 bbs isn't a lot for loading high cap. or sometimes mid cap. magazines. Unless you use small magazines for snipers, shotgun shells, or just need a bit of extra bbs, invest in a larger speed loader."

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