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A Greener Standard In The Airsoft Industry: Getting the newest in airsoft at the lowest prices on the market has never been easier at Airsoft Megastore, and while we strive to provide top-notch products. service. and a friendly, customer-centric shopping environment, we are also extremely committed to being the most eco-friendly Airsoft retailer in the United States. From daily recycling to packaging made from recycled materials, from conserving resources throughout our operation to electronic paperless billing, you can see this commitment in everything we do.

Save time, money, gas, AND the Earth: Saving that car trip to your local airsoft shop may be saving you more than just time. According to a recent University study, shopping online conserves energy and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions (from gasoline-burning cars) by up to 35% in comparison to shopping at conventional retail outlets In short, you're saving not only commute time, but also gas, thereby reducing total emissions output. By shopping online at Airsoft Megastore, you will find the best selection of airsoft products at the lowest prices on the market backed by our 125% Lowest Price Guarantee, free shipping on orders over $99+ and best of all, you can take pride in choosing a GREENER way to shop for Airsoft.

Conservation, Efficiency, and Pride: At Airsoft Megastore, we take pride in building efficiency and conservation into everything we do. Bettering the environment around us starts with a drive to do so, and that drive is no more apparent than at Airsoft Megastore's office and warehouse, the epicenter of our operation. All recyclable trash from our office and warehouse, including scrapped paper, cardboard boxes. aluminum cans, and plastic bottles is recycled daily. All shipments are shipped using recycled outer cardboard packing or heavy-duty packaging paper made from recycled materials. Whenever possible, electronic billing is employed to save paper and the trees from which they are derived. All orders that are processed and shipped by Airsoft Megastore follow a simplistic and energy-efficient fulfillment process to ensure a highly-efficient delivery that minimizes emissions while increasing convenience and savings for our customers.

Biodegradable Ammunition: We are a leading online retailer for biodegradable Airsoft 6mm BBs and subsequently, we're staunch proponents for the use of biodegradable BBs in all airsoft games. Biodegradable BBs hold identical performance specifications in comparison to standard 6mm BBs, but decompose with exposure to natural elements within 180 days. With the lowest prices on the market for biodegradable BBs, we believe that these BBs, better known as "Bios," should be made affordable to all Airsoft players who wish to make a statement about their commitment to the environment while playing a great game of Airsoft.
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