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KWA Full Metal LM4C Airsoft M4 CQB Gas Blowback Training Rifle

$379.95Guaranteed Lowest
  • Model: M4
  • Muzzle Velocity: 390 FPS
  • Build Material: Metal Receiver, Outer Barrel
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Overall Length: 26.5" in. / 29.75" in.
  • Inner Barrel: 248 mm
  • Propellant: Green Gas
  • Magazine Capacity: 38 rounds
  • Color: Black


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Our Promise:  KWA airsoft guns are renowned for their world-class performance and exceptional build quality.  With an exceptional 45-day factory warranty and LIFETIME tech support offered directly through KWA, we feel most qualified to be YOUR premier KWA dealer.  In addition, you are guaranteed to pay the absolute LOWEST price on the market for your new KWA rifle, backed in writing by our industry-leading 125% Lowest Price Guarantee.

Our take:  The most anticipated CQB Gas Blowback Rifle is finally here!  KWA’s NEW LM4C PTR (Professional Training Rifle) is the most realistic airsoft compact carbine on the market, without question.  From its authentic design to its realistic operations, the LM4C PTR is in a league of its own.  Faithfully mimicking real steel M4 operations, this KWA LM4C is perfect for real world training.  Not only does this compact gas blowback rifle operate nearly identically to a real steel M4, it also field strips (disassembles) just like a real AR platform.  This makes it easy to clean and repair the LM4C PTR without the use of tools, which is especially helpful out on the field.

KWA has redeveloped their renowned NS2 system and made it compatible for larger scale gas blowback rifles. The new system, aptly named the “Force Velocity System”, gives the KWA LM4C PTR vastly superior power, recoil, and gas efficiency compared to other gas blowback airsoft rifle on the market.  These truly amazing gas blowback rifles are available in limited quantities, so pick up yours today and join in the evolution of airsoft!

Flawless External Design
This NEW KWA LM4C PTR is the compact version of KWA's renowned LM4 Carbine.  The LM4C PTR is the most accurate compact M4 replica to date; with an exterior crafted from CNC aluminum and designed to withstand real world training situations.  The LE stock and pistol grip are constructed of high grade impact resistant nylon polymer, just like a real M4 carbine, giving the LM4C PTR a truly authentic look and feel.  Additionally, the LM4C PTR features a top optics rail for attaching a variety of red dot sights and magnified scopes, increasing the effectiveness and tactical look of the carbine.  The six position retractable LE stock allows you to quickly shorten the length of the LM4C PTR, for CQB applications.  With front, rear, and buffer tube sling mounts, the KWA LM4 PTR is compatible with nearly any sling for any scenario.

What really sets the KWA LM4C PTR apart from other gas blowback rifles on the market is its hyper realistic feel and functionality.  Slapping the bolt catch sends the functional bolt home with a snap, closely copying the feel of a real M4 carbine.  Just like a real M4 carbine, the LM4 PTR stops firing once the magazine is empty, and locks the bolt to the rear.  This is perfect for real world training simulations, allowing you to train accurately with a high power premium airsoft rifle.  Also similar to a real M4 carbine is the trigger assembly and selector group, which only allows you to switch to “safe” after the bolt has been charged.  These extremely realistic functions, combined with a flawless exterior, truly make the KWA LM4C PTR the best choice for close quarters tactical training and MILSIM airsoft players.

New Innovative Internals
The KWA LM4C PTR utilizes KWA's proven “Force Velocity System”, which adapts and improves KWA’s renowned NS2 gas blowback system for larger, more powerful gas blowback rifles and sub-machine guns, giving them greater reliability and hard kicking recoil!  KWA’s “Force Velocity System” also greatly enhances gas efficiency, allowing you to fire up to three magazines worth of rounds from a single gas charge!  Firing the KWA LM4C PTR gas blowback rifle for the first time can startle you with its hyper realistic recoil, providing as much kick as a buffer tube equipped .22LR rifle!  This enhanced recoil feature is perfect for airsoft players and professionals who want to train with a system that closely mimics the kick of a real firearm.

Unlike many other airsoft gas blowback M4 carbines, the KWA LM4C PTR features a robust full metal bolt, with a reinforced piston, and a full metal feeding lip!  What does this mean for the user?  It means that this bolt is built to withstand intense real world training simulations, and is much less prone to chip or wear over time!  With a high flow KWA patented piston and jet nozzle, this gas blowback carbine fires at an incredible velocity (380-410 FPS w/ 0.20g BB’s), with a realistic rate of fire.  The hop up system is very similar to KWA’s NS2 system, which can easily hit targets out to 170 feet using 0.30g BB’s.  This is perfect for airsoft players who are tired of airsoft guns with shorter range, and want to knock down targets at close to realistic ranges.  With re-engineered, enhanced, and reinforced internals, the KWA LM4C PTR is truly designed for professional training, and can easily handle the most intense airsoft combat!

Whether you are a military/ law enforcement professional or a weekend warrior, the LM4C PTR is designed to closely replicate the feel and functionality of a real M4 carbine, helping you train accurately for a fraction of the price of real steel training equipment.  This KWA LM4C PTR truly is the next step in the evolution of airsoft.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own one of the most game changing airsoft guns on the market!

- KWA Force Velocity Gas System
- Adjustable front and rear sights
- Full Metal 11.14" in. outer barrel
- Precision 6.05mm diameter inner barrel
- Full metal CNC aluminum upper and lower reciever
- CQB single point sling mount
- Removable "chopped" rear iron sight
- Top optics rail
- 6 position LE collapsible stock
- Semi and Full Auto
- Adjustable Hop-Up
- 45 Days Product Warranty [US only]
- Lifetime Tech Support

- Overall Length [Retracted/Extended] = 26.63"/29.75" [67.6cm/75.6cm]
- Outter Barrel Length = 11.14" in./ 283mm
- Barrel thread = 14mm* [Counter clock wise]
- Inner Barrel Length = 248mm
- Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05mm
- Hop-Up: Adjustable
- Magazine Capacity = 38 Rounds Green Gas magazine included
- Caliber = 6mm Airsoft BB
- Velocity = 385-402 FPS** with .20 gram BB's
- Rate of Fire = 13-15 RPS**
- Power = Green Gas
- Weight:  6lbs

Package Includes: 1x KWA LM4C PTR Airsoft GBBR Compact Carbine, 1x 40rd KWA M4 GBBR Magazine, instruction manual
* Orange tip flash hiders are required for all US sales or where applicable by law.
** Individual test results may vary depending on brand of bbs, and chronograph used.

NOTE:  DO NOT USE PROPANE, RED GAS, or HFC 134a Gas with this KWA product. Using any gas other than Green Gas with this KWA Gas Blowback will void the manufacturer's warranty, and can cause irreparable damage to the rifle.

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5 KWA Full Metal LM4C Airsoft M4 CQB Gas Blowback Training Rifle *****
Solid gun

"This rifle is amazing! Out of the box it shot well and kicked like a mule. The feel of the weapon is supurb, the nylon poly feels solid and the handguard has no wobble whatsoever. You can get around 60 shots per gas fill. The stock latches into place easily and dosent slip. No mag wobbly at all. Bolt catch works like a dream... IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!"

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The store is amazing. I have found there items that I could not find in other stores which makes it the best. I have made questions and inquires about products and the customer service has responded super fast with accurate answers. All my products have arrived in excellent conditions in spite of other stores. My last product came late because it was rescheduled but that was UPS fault I think. I would like to thank Matthew for his exceptional customer service. Whenever you need help, please try to contact him. My advice, buy in Airsoft Megastore, they have coupons and the widest variety of airsoft products. RandyLoy, USA
I ordered a gun sling a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, one of the clips broke. After a few email correspondings with a customer service representative named Jun (my emails did not show a last name), AMS sent me a replacement sling for free. I did not even have to send my clip back. AMS is a terrific store and I plan on doing more business with them. They were polite, efficient, and just a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Airsoft Megastore to anyone. mskanwischer, USA
Airsoft Megastore is The Best Airsoft Website Out There (I Think) and i Will Always Be Loyal to AMS and Order Almost All of my Gear From Them. The Customer Service is Also Amazing, Jun my Customer Service Representative Has Helped Me With Anything i Needed Help With, Especially My Order Problem (Had 2 Magazines Missing from Order) and Jun Helped Me With The Problem, and Now The Mags Have Been Shipped To Me. Thank You So Much AMS and Jun. Ethan1214, Saskatchewan, Canada
I love that Airsoft Megastore has videos of most any information you will need to learn and care for your products. I purchased an AEG for my son and in short order, unfortunately, it began grinding after brief use. I emailed for warranty repair with symptoms and with 24 hours (22 to be exact) I received an email explaining possible causes with a video like for tuning the gun. I had the gun working again within 15 minutes, avoiding returning the gun and the mess associated with returns\repairs. Excellence on Sean's part to help out a first time customer of theirs. Highly recommend. bucfanjeff, USA
Everything worked great, shipping was super fast. I am very pleased and won't hesitate to order through airsoft megastore again. rob_riley, USA
I loved buying from airsoft megastore because the employees helped me recover my tracking number and told me where the package was at, I would love to buy from airsoft megastore again! Battlefield4Rule, USA
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