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Double Bell 6mm Airsoft BBs - 0.12g - WHITE

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Standard BBs :
0.12g - WHITE
0.20g - WHITE
0.23g - WHITE
0.25g - WHITE

Biodegradable BBs :
0.20g - TWO-TONE
0.20g - WHITE
0.23g - TWO-TONE
0.23g - WHITE
0.25g - TWO-TONE
0.25g - WHITE
0.28g - WHITE
0.30g - WHITE
0.36g - BLACK
0.40g - BLACK

Tracer BBs :
0.12g - GREEN
0.20g - GREEN

  • Solid ABS polymer construction
  • Consistent 5.95mm+.01mm diameter manufactured BBs
  • Seamless, Spherical BBs Free of Imperfections
  • Excellent choice to ensure your BBs hit your mark
  • [Tracer BBs] Glow in the dark feature compatible with tracer units
  • [Color: Pearl White] High mirror polish finish reduces friction and enhances hardness of BBs
  • [Biodegradable BBs] Designed to break down over time when exposed to the environmental elements


Double Bell 6mm Airsoft BBs

The Double Bell 6mm Airsoft BBs come in a variety of weights, colors, and specifications. The 3 main types of BBs provided are Standard BBs, Biodegradable BBs, and Tracer BBs. Furthermore, we have BB weights varying from 0.12g - 0.40g. Finally, we have different colored BBs from White, to Pearl White, to Black, Two-Tone, and Green (Tracer ONLY).

Available Types


-- DBPPB012 (.12g - WHITE)

-- DB3020W (.20g - WHITE)

-- DB4020W (.20g - PEARL WHITE)

-- DB3023W (.23g - WHITE)

-- DB4023W (.23g - PEARL WHITE)

-- DB3025W (.25g - WHITE)

-- DB4025W (.25g - PEARL WHITE)


-- DB4020W.BIO (.20g - WHITE)

-- DB4020S.BIO (.20g - TWO-TONE)

-- DB4023W.BIO (.23g - WHITE)

-- DB4023S.BIO (.23g - TWO-TONE)

-- DB4025W.BIO (.25g - WHITE)

-- DB4025S.BIO (.25g - TWO-TONE)

-- DB5028W.BIO (.28g - WHITE)

-- DB5030W.BIO (.30g - WHITE)

-- DB5036D.BIO (.36g - BLACK)

-- DB5040D.BIO (.40g - BLACK)


-- DBA012GL (.12g - GREEN)

-- DB4020GL (.20g - GREEN)

About Double Bell

Formerly known as Bell, Double Bell is internationally known for their line of airsoft 1911s, M9s and other special series gas and CO2 blowback pistols in a variety of different styles. Recently, they just released their take of the VSR-10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle that is impressively accurate on the field and shoots up to 460 FPS (w/ 0.20g BBs). Double Bell also offers realistic spring-powered versions of their pistols for budget-minded players and new airsofters who just want to hone in their target shooting skills, build up their collection, or use as film props. Whatever type of airsoft gun you need, Double Bell provides it an affordable price point to fit your needs.

In the Box

1X Bag of 6mm Airsoft BBs


Brand Double Bell
Material ABS Polymer (Standard BBs) / Biodegradable Compound Plastic (Biodegradable BB) / ABS Polymer w/ Tracer Material (Tracer BBs)
Diameter 5.95+/-0.01mm
Available Weights .12g, .20g, .23g, .25g, .28g, .30g, .36g, and .40g
Available Counts 5000rd (.12g), 4000rd (.20g), 3000rd (.23g / .25g), 2500rd (.28g / .30g / .36g / .40g)
Available Colors White, Black, Pearl White, Two-Tone, and Green (Tracer ONLY)
Package Includes 1X Bag of BBs

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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