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0.20g GoldenBall MaxSlick Seamless Airsoft Tracer BBs - 2000rd BOTTLE

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0.20g GoldenBall MaxSlick Seamless Airsoft Tracer BBs - 2000rd BOTTLE

The highly anticipated new MaxSlick line of GoldenBall BBs are finally at Airsoft Megastore, and we have never been more excited about BBs. With ultra high precision manufacturing technology, GoldenBall MaxSlick BBs are able to achieve a 5.95mm diameter rating with only +/- 0.01mm of tolerance (that's less than 0.2%), which was basically "impossible" to achieve, even for the expensive $25+ bags of Japanese-manufactured BBs. On top of the ultra-precise manufacturing tolerance levels, BB density and hardness has been improved even further to achieve a BB so flawless that it is almost impossible to shatter.

Custom-made to order exclusively for Airsoft Megastore, the GoldenBall MaxSlick BBs are the product of cutting-edge Airsoft BB-manufacturing technology from GoldenBall Industries. No longer do you have to pay $15+ BUCKS PER BOTTLE for Japanese Domestic Market, or "JDM" high density, high consistency competition grade airsoft BBs. GoldenBall has quickly taken the airsoft ammunition market by storm, and has custom-made these JDM-Spec BBs for Airsoft Megastore. Normally, BBs of this caliber are manufactured, then exported into Japan and Europe because of their higher Airsoft BB standards, but Airsoft Megastore is lucky enough to have secured a deal with the manufacturer so that these BBs are also available Stateside.

In our opinion, GoldenBall BBs are the BEST BBs you can purchase, and due to Airsoft Megastore's purchasing-power, we are able to offer the BEST BBs on the market at the LOWEST PRICE on the market.

The GoldenBall MaxSlick ultra seamless competition grade airsoft 6mm BBs sport a 60% improvement (on average) in BB spherical consistency and density in comparison to other precision BBs on the market. And because Airsoft Megastore imports in large volumes, you, the consumer get to take full advantage: JDM-spec MaxSlick top grade extreme seamless BBs made to the highest standards at a fraction of what they should sell for.

Once you experience the power of GoldenBall MaxSlicks, you'll never want to use any other brand of BBs ever again! Eliminate barrel jam and increase POWER with these BBs - Made in China. 2,000 rounds come in a speedloader bottle.

GoldenBall BBs

GoldenBall MaxSlick Top Grade Extreme SeamlessBBs are the BEST BBs we've ever tested, and are superior to all otherBBs on the market, bar none! They out-perform Marui, Mad Bull, TSD,Airsoft Elite, G&G, and pretty much EVERY other brand of high-endAirsoft BBs on the market. The use of GoldenBall MaxSlick BBs overcomparable seamless 0.20g BBs yields an average FPS gain of 8-15FPS on astandard metal gearbox AEG, while increasing accuracy and eliminatingjams!

Glow in the dark tracer rounds feature a speciallyformulated coating for extremely bright appearance in dark/zero-lightingconditions. GoldenBall glow in the dark BBs are EXTREMELY bright inthe dark and are manufactured to a much higher standard than otherknock-off "glow rounds". They are perfect for night games and for useas tracer rounds. Tracer units will undoubtedly enhance the effect ofusing these BBs exponentially; conversely, you may also choose to exposethese BBs to light prior to use for an effective glow-in-the-darkeffect.

NOTE: This product's packaging may vary. Airsoft Megastore guarantees that every bag of GoldenBall BBs we ship are AUTHENTIC GoldenBall BBs.

In the Box

2000rd Bottle of 0.20G GoldenBall "MaxSlick" JDM-Spec Extreme Seamless GLOW IN THE DARK COATED WHITE BBs


BB Weight 0.20g
BB Diameter 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

0.20g GoldenBall MaxSlick Seamless Airsoft Tracer BBs - 2000rd BOTTLE Quick Compare

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