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VB-Power Airsoft 11.1V 15C LIPO Small Type Battery - 2200 mAh

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  • - Lithium Polymer 2200mAh small brick battery pack.
  • - Comes with align balance connector
  • - Increased rate of fire
  • - Fast trigger response


VB-Power Airsoft 11.1V 15C LIPO Small Type Battery - 2200 mAh

Lithium Polymer Battery Disclaimer: Airsoft Megastore is not responsible for 11.1v LiPO battery usage in airsoft guns that are not ready to handle these high-powered, advanced battery packs. The buyer must make sure that his or her airsoft gun is FULLY ready to handle 11.1v Lithium Polymer batteries as a power source before plugging in the battery to his or her airsoft gun.


- LIPO batteries cannot be charged with any standard battery chargers, they MUST be charged with specific LIPO battery chargers

- Overcharging LIPO batteries is dangerous, so a LIPO specific balance charger MUST be used in conjunction with your LIPO battery

- It is in your best interest to keep LIPO batteries fully charged, both when in usage and in storage. To fully charge the battery, you must use a LIPO smart charger that stops the charge immediately after it senses the LIPO battery is fully charged.

- NEVER discharge a LIPO battery (there is no need)

Our take: The all-new premium VB-Power 11.1v Lithium Polymer (LiPO, for short) small brick type battery pack is one of the best upgrades for select LiPO-ready high-FPS, full metal gearbox airsoft guns. Widely acknowledged, both in the airsoft and hobby fields as the most revolutionary power source since Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology, LiPO batteries allow your AEG's motor to run at HIGHER speeds, drastically improving rate of fire, while outlasting all other types of batteries on the field.

In the Box


Capacity 2200mah
Voltage 11.1v
Plug Type Mini Tamiya Female
Configuration Small Brick Type
Number of Cells 3
Cell Chemistry LiPO (Lithium Polymer)
Battery Weight 5.9 oz.
Battery Dimensions 107mm (L); 35mm (W); 21mm (H)
Other specs 30-amp drain rate. NO memory effect (durable). Crane Stock/ butterfly configuration (great for use in crane stocks). Best if stored in temperatures between 35-70 degrees. Keep away from sun light or heat.

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

VB-Power Airsoft 11.1V 15C LIPO Small Type Battery - 2200 mAh Quick Compare

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