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MAXX Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber TE - PRO w/ LED

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  • Lightweight and durable full metal aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Tight tolerances provide better accuracy and consistency
  • Vinyl Covers prevent dust and debris from effecting the hop-up
  • Fully compatible with most aftermarket buckings without sacrificing muzzle velocity
  • The BB Latching System prevents BBs from falling when ejecting your mags
  • A numbered rotary knob precisely alters your hop-up to your environment
  • Included LED and Electronic Modules to glow BBs in the dark.
  • LED and EM Operating Voltage from 7VDC - 20VDC (2-5 cells LiPo, 6-16 cells NiCad)


MAXX Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber TE - PRO w/ LED

Designed with a hop-up chamber and latching unit specifically manufactured for feeding BBs quickly, the CNC aluminum hop-up chamber TE PRO is a must have for unlocking the full potential of your Version 2 gearbox AEGs! Tight tolerances provide better accuracy and consistency while firing than with your standard hop-up. With both a lightweight and full metal construction, this solid aircraft-grade aluminum alloy hop-up has been built to provide maximum durability and efficiency for your Version 2 gearbox rifles.

Vinyl Covers on both sides of the hop-up housing are designed to prevent dust and debris from effecting the hop-up. Equip your favorite soft or hard bucking, as the Maxx Hop-Up Chamber TE PRO is fully compatible with most aftermarket buckings. And thanks to BB Latching System, the TE PRO automatically locks BBs into the chamber, eliminating the all to familiar BBs dropping out when you pull out a spent magazine. Once a magazine has been reinserted, the latching system quickly and automatically opens with no inconvenience to the player. You can open the latching system manually to release BBs from the hop-up chamber by hand as well.

Built with a numbered rotary knob, you can make precise adjustments to alter your hop-up to your environment. The re-engineered, specially designed hop-up arms work with R-hop, Flat-Hop and Standard-Hop precisely and consistently to keep your BBs shooting straight and accurately with every single shot! The CNC brass threaded slot pin can easily be removed for adjustment and maintenance. The Hop-up Chamber TE PRO's Housing adapts to any Version 2 gearboxes with an 11 or 12mm bore. Three O-rings and three compression springs keep your hop-up unit exactly centered and air tight at all times. Compatible with air seal nozzle lengths of 20.50mm to 21.00mm, the expertly engineered CNC Aluminum Hop-Up Chamber TE PRO is an excellent upgrade and may be the only hop-up you'll ever need!

This version includes LED and Electronic Modules with the hopup chamber unit which will enable your BBs to glow in the dark!!! (Operating Voltage from 7VDC - 20VDC (2-5 cells LiPo, 6-16 cells NiCad)

In the Box

1X Hopup Chamber TE PRO

2X CNC Vinyl Covers

1X Standard-Hop Arm

1X R-Hop Arm

1X Standard-Hop Nub Damper

1X R-Hop Nub Damper

1X 5mm Precision R-Hop Nub

1X 6mm Precision R-Hop Nub

1X Brass Threaded Slot Pin

1X Delrin Locking C-Clip

1X CNC Barrel Brass Spacer

1X Steel Central Compression Spring

1X LED/ Electronic Module


Brand MAXX Model
Build CNC Aluminum
Overall Length 52.25mm (Length) X 37.75 (Height)
Outer Diameter Minimum 12mm (Outer Barrel)
Inner Diameter Max 8mm (Nozzle)
Feeder Outer Diameter
Min 9.25mm
Feeder Length
Max 6.25mm
Color Red

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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